THIS EVENT IS NOW A CUP-FREE EVENT! You must bring your own cup or bottle to fill at our water stations or you can purchase one to pick up on the day when you sign up. There will be a small amount of Decathlon Trail cups to buy on the day if you forget, but if you have no cup, you won’t be allowed to race!

The Challenge is a self navigated set of races comprising of 4 distances – Half Marathon, 20 Mile and Marathon and the Hilly Billy Challenge 50k Ultra. Each has it’s own set of instructions and a map which you should familiarise yourself with before the event, and bring with you on the day. The Half Marathon, 20 Mile and Marathon races begin together at 9am and the Hilly Billy Challenge begins at 8am from the Race HQ. All distances contain checkpoints which you must display your number to as you go through. More information can be found below.

Half Marathon

20 Mile


Hilly Billy Challenge